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Providence Island is an Island inthe caribbean sea, belongs to Colomia is part of the Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia y Santa Catalina.

Providence and Santa Catalina Islands is mountainuos, located 60 miles north of San Andres island, approximately 400 miles northwest from Cartagena and 150 miles from Nicaragua, Providence Island is the second largest of the archipelago.

Providence and Santa Catalina Island was declared in the year 2000 as the sea flower biosphere reserve by the Unesco. It's sorrounded by the third largest barrier reef of the world.

Santa Catalina Island is separated from Providence Island and there are join together by a small board bridge about 300 mts approximatley.

Providence island must know for its tranquility, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water must of the year, great for snorkeling scuba diving, fishing and hikking.The island have very little tuorism and me not provide everything the extravagant vacationer may looking for such as a resort, five star hotel, all-inclusive or a fine dining.

The people on the island are friendly speak creole English, English and Spanish.

What To Bring to providence Island

Providence island is very relaxed, T-shirt and shirt for must of your trip; bring three our four pairs of shorts and four or five shirst all depends on how many days you plan to stay on the island. bring at least one pair of long pants in case of a chily rainy day.

women should pack a few sundress, pair of light pajamas and warm jacket or sweatshirt nigth can be chily.

pack one pair of sandals to wear to the beach and around the island one pair of shoes to go with your dressy clothes, if you want to do some hikking bring a pair of boots or sneakers so you can enjoy the walking to the peak or to Mc bean lagoon.

Sun screen and insect repellent are both essential in Providence Island, you will need a hat and sunglasses, leave must of your make up home it will melt in the heat, simply bring some anti-frizz hair products and mascara. Getting prescription refilled in Providence Island is not available. so bring a large enough supply of medications to last the trip, drugs store on the Island may not have the medication you need.

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