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Local seafood are plentiful in Providence Island, let us help you with your eating options

Providence and santa catalina Island have lots of activities to enjoy

Beaches in Providence Island

Beaches in Providence Island

Where to eat in Providence Island

Providence Island is an Island in the caribbean sea, belongs to Colombia,

Providence Island's beaches are free from the presence of large hotels,

To get around on Providence Island Colombia, you have different option to chose from

Posada Enilda is a 10 minutes drive from the airport on Providence Island

How to get to
Providence Island

What to do in
Providence Island

Hotel Posada Enilda

Getting Around in Providence Island

About Providence Island

Posada Enilda, establish in 2006, was built to provide guest with an affordable accommodation in a confortable environment. Savy Travelers know tah the key to a graet  vacation is having a place to call home....away from  home. Posada Enilda provides everything that you need to rest and relax on your trip, so you can get the most out of your vacation.

The rooms are cozy and have double rooms, single rooms, and triple room, and a apartmet style with a kitchen and 2 rooms including, our apartment is popular for Guest with children or guest who will like to stay for a week or more and wish to have a small kitchennet.

We are minutes away with transportation from beaches like  manchaneel bay, south west bay or fresh water bay