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Hotel Posada Enilda

Providence island's beaches are free from the presence of large hotels, in fact Providence Island has earned a reputation for being a place where you can find quiet secluded beaches that blend with nature.

Providence Island so far has not sufferd the impact of mass tourism or hyper-developed infrastructure like others places in the caribbean.

There are beaches with bars and restaurant, quiet beaches where the chances are that you could be the only visitor, there are beaches for snorkeling and you will be amazed by the colorful tropical fish and corals, there will be a perfect beach for you.

In fact there are five beaches and crab cay on the Island of Providence that even if you decide to stay in a beach front hotel, you have to get out and explore the different and lovley beaches Providence island have to offer.


Manchaneel Bay: It is Providence Island most well know beach, right there the famous Roland Bar is located. The water is calm and crystal with white sand,  making it ideal for swimming, relaxing and enjoying the sun, it's just a wonderful place.

South West Bay: This beach on Providence Island is ideal for family fun on the one hand, south west bay beach is also becoming know for its trendy beach side restaurants such as Divino Nino and Artur's restaurant, crystal clear water and plenty of shaded areas and picnic spots. It's also one of the best places to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Almond Bay: This clean, white sand beach whit crystal waters is a great place to enjoy walks in the early morning or sunset.

Fresh Water Bay: The beach is stretch of white sand, perfect for a tranquil sunset.

Fort Bay: With Calm waters, it's ideal for snorkeling and swimmers of most ages and abilities.

Crab Cay: Is an incredible place where you can do swimming, snorkeling or enjoy the beuatiful view of the seven colors sea of Providence Island