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Hotel Posada Enilda

To get around Providence Island Colombia, you have different option to choose from, between taking  taxi, a public bus or a mota taxi, renting a bike, renting a gulf car or a schooter or relying on your trusty feet.

Renting a transportation is the easiest way to get around Providence Island especially if you dont  like getting stuck in the hot sun.

Car rental: Enjoy the convinience and freedom of exploring Providence Island with a golf cart or a kawasaki mule on your own time at your own pace with one of these vehicle that is available for rental on Providence Island.

Bikes & Scooter Reant: you can explore almost of Providence Island by Bike or Scooter, the round around the island are in good condition.

Renting a scooter is a very economical and fun way to see theIisland of providence

Taxis: taxi service on the island of Providence can be slow and not particulary organized, but it is available. be prepare however to wait. Taxis always at the airport meeting incoming planes, all tax charge the same rates from airport to hotel, special price can arrange for tours and ather activities.

Moto Taxi: The moto taxi have become the best and most efficient way of transportation for a vast majority of people. they are preferred by locals and tourists looking for a low cost transportation, motorcyle taxi they are very inexpensive, and they will take you anywhere.

Bus: privately own mini-busses, the island's version of public transportation, run around the island during the day from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm from monday to friday. Buses are mainly used by islanders going to and from work, although visitors who have endless patience and plenty of time to get around also take advantage of them