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Activities to do on Providence Island

Providence and Santa Catalina Island have a lots of activities where you can enjoy can your vacation on the Island; hiking, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and much more are popular on the island.

Plan your family vacation around some of these enticing activities and learn that he beauty of Providence Islands extends far beyond the sand.

Every beach on Providence Island is open to the public.

Beaches: There are many wonderful beaches  on providence Island to enjoy, whether you want to explore the world famouse Roland bar or lounge with locals, snorkel with a tropical fish or relax, you have 5 different beaches to choose from.

Snorkelling: Is one of Providence Island greatest, easiest underwater adventure and activity the whole family can enjoy. It is safe, gentler and more exciting palce to learn this sport in Providence Isand. You can enjoy a great snorkeling in some of these area, white shoal, margarita, crab cay or Santa Catalina Island

Hiking: Beyond the withe sandy beaches Providence Island have some facinating haking areas, here is some of our favorite.

The peak: walk to the highest point of the entire archipelago, where walk true a tropical dry forest a majestic seaview of 7 colors, you will see the 80% of the island at a height of 360 mts above sea level.

Mc bean lagoon natural park: Declared a biosphere reserve, with marvelous view, reef and mangrove

Morgan Head: Its a rock naturally carved by the waves, the head shape resembles pirate morgan head.

Kayaking: The waters of the natural park mcbean lagoon are perfect to explore by kayak, during the tour you will explore the colors of the sea and the land scape in general that are indescribable.

Artesanal Fishing: Go fishing with a local fisherman, is an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day in the waters of Providence Island.

Scuba diving: Providence Island offer an incredibly warm waters years round, great visibility and a stunning display of sea life amid divirse diving destination. Wall, reefs, caves, wrecks and shore diving are just some of the types of diving available.

Island tour by boat: One way to explore Providence and Santa Catalina Island is taking a boat tour around the Island, where you will visit the morgan head, the bridge of lovers lane, crab cay, manchaneal bay and south west bay.