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Hotel Posada Enilda

Providence Isand is well know for the pretine waters, coral reef diving and as a perfect palce to rest and relax, local seafood are plentiful in providence Island, let us help you with your eating options

Where to eat

Arturo Restaurant: typical island food, fresh fish, located in south west bay along the bay side.

Miss mary Restaurant: Island cuisine, located in south west bay

Divino niño: Caribbean style and lost of seafood, located on the beach in south west bay

Miss Elma restaurant: Island Cuisine and a la carte, well know for their delicious fresh natural juice, located in fresh water bay

Blue Coral: fast food and pizza, located in fresh water bay

Caffe Studio: seafood and a la carte, located on the main road between fresh water bay and south west bay.

Il postino: Italian cuisine, located in the area of lazy hill  open only in high season, reservation is necesary.

Pizza Gourmet: Pizza and fast food locate in Santa Isabel

Zentrix: Fast food located in Santa Isabel

Bambu Restaurant: a la carte restaurant also offers island dishes, located in Santa Catalina

Eneida restaurant: Island typical, located on the Island of Santa Catalina